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Expense Log and Checklist



Because it can be difficult to keep track of your regular expenses for your flight job, we have created a handy Flight Expense Log for you to keep track of them in. Just download it and begin entering your expenses! 

  • Have a receipt from a foreign country? No problem! Just use the handy converter to enter data and amount to calculate the amount based on that day's exchange rate!

  • The Expense Log will keep track of your total dollar expenses for Column A!

  • The Expense Log is FREE, compliments of Pro Diem, Inc.

Pro Diem Inc, claims no liability implied or otherwise regarding the use of this file. It is the taxpayers responsibility to follow all rules established by the IRS. While every effort has gone into creating a template that would be useful for you, it is offered a freeware and contains no warranties

Again, currently only Microsoft Excel Version Available. If you do not have Microsoft Excel on your computer it will not work and because it is freeware, it is offered "as is". We offer no tech support for it other than our  so please do not call and ask us for it. It is a template, just like the kind you could download at Microsoft.com, except for the fact that is written with crew members in mind. It covers your type of expense log needs and is very simple to use, in fact, you can only TYPE in the cells that you are allowed to. We didn't want you to have to worry about typing over anything important. Be sure to click on the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to view all of the pages. 

By downloading this file you are agreeing to these terms. 


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