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We have a real treat for all of our wonderful clients!  We have done our homework this year and found many ways to help lighten your load while so many companies are trying to work you to death.  We hope you will love it!

We have created the ULTIMATE resource page for Crew Members!  It puts everything you need at your fingertips! It offers features as current airline news, online shopping mall for those days when it is too hard to get to the store and only have time to shop online on your layovers,  up to the minute airline news from Many sources all in one place, airport conditions, layover guides and tips, fresh music lists, flight tracker,  free expense tracker for expenses other than per diem, and more! 

Don't forget to bookmark the site; we know you will want to return to it often.  Book marking it will allow you to go directly to it on future visits!  The official name of our sister site is flightcrewtravel.com.  You can return Pro-Diem's main page by clicking on Travel Expense Calculation in the Menu.






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