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Favorite Internet Links

We are happy to post links to relevant airline related sites.

 At this time we are not accepting ad sales but do consider reciprocal links for our loyal clients.

Groupon:  This site offers deals on just about everything!  They now have a "NOW" deal available for great restaurants all over the country often at half price. 


Car Rental: This is an AWESOME car rental site! 

This is a great computer app!  

This Rental Car Booking engine offers interactive, real-time access to car rates and availability. It allows you to book the best rates without the hassle of having to look at 20 different sites for the best deal!  It automatically compares over 20 different companies and allows you to see the best rates directly from the central reservation system. You can view the rates of  all of the different companies and compare them on your screen instantly.   


Medical Certification-Locate an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME)


Great Travel Site!

This travel network provide unique content for your travel needs. Their services provide the best deals on hotels, travel tickets, car rental and more to make your vacation suitable to your needs and price range.

Check out GoaGoGo.com and find out how to book an unforgettable vacation at a reasonable price!


Last Minute Tickets and Attractions

Great source for last minute tickets in major cities!


Here is a fun site to visit!


Dedicated to preserving the fine art of spinning a good yarn.



The crewmember chooses their airline on the home page, picks the city they are staying in and then the hotel. The next choice is which activity they want to view (Food, Fitness, Shopping, Travel, etc). They then view and/or print the Crewpon.     www.crewpons.com


SkySac is a premium crashpad 12 min NE of Bush Intercontinental (IAH) airport, catering exclusively to pilots.   www.skysaciah.com

www.pro-diem.com   #1 choice of crew members!

Pro-Diem, Inc. provides Expert Per Diem Calculation.  Simply the best service and support.  100% approval with the IRS for over 18 years.   Serving over 150 airlines.   Don't trust your per diem calculation to a quickie online service.  Use the pro's at Pro-Diem, Inc. to get your maximum per diem calculation.  They provide easy online flight data submission and great instructions to go with their detailed report.  They stand behind their service and  provide free IRS support should you ever need it.  

"Sunshine Daydream" is a beautiful new home located south of "Scenic 30-A" in Summer's Edge, a new beachside community in Seagrove Beach, Florida. "Sunshine Daydream" is just steps (75 yards) from the powdered sugar white sand beach over a private walk down. 2 private pools are also available.

For additional information, e-mail us at info@sunshine-daydream.net


      MAD DOG GEAR   

Mad Dog Gear is focused on delivering quality aviation themed products to the professional airline pilot.



Created individually, there will be no two exactly alike.  A great deal of effort was used to locate the finest production of aircraft tails and models on the market.  No corners are cut using cheap paints or varnishes that will yellow with time.  These tails are 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!!!



Bayern Trips is an excellent tour group that offers unique, informative and fun tours of Bavaria.



An inspirational gift for a crew member.

 You can purchase at Amazon by clicking the link below:
 Final Approach - Northwest Airlines Flight 650, Tragedy and Triumph

 Or You can purchase on the author's website at:





SUPPORT REFORM THE AMT: http://www.reformamt.org/

Alternative minimum tax strikes fear in the hearts of many these days. If you are still in that high level income bracket (amid rampant industry pay cuts) you are probably scratching your head trying to decide if you will be able to claim all of your deductions. There has been significant work done this year in Congress to repeal it. In the mean time, until you run your numbers it is often difficult to know if it will affect you or not. So using our service in that situation is your call. We do find that MOST people end up not subject to the AMT and still can utilize our report. Although we have no way of knowing your personal tax situation we have been advised that there are a few things you can do to minimize your exposure. They are included in the article below. - Aundrea Reel President, Pro-Diem, Inc.

8 ways to escape the AMT tax sting
'Alternative minimum tax' is a mind-numbing term, but its provisions, as a growing number of taxpayers now know, can hit you like a ton of bricks. Here's now to minimize your exposure.
By Jeff Schnepper (Full article available at: http://moneycentral.msn.com/articles/tax/basics/6647.asp)

......As always, the answer is planning. If you fear you’re going to be subject to the AMT, your strategy is to accelerate income and defer deductions.
Under the AMT, you’re going to be taxed at a 26% or 28% rate. If you’re in a higher bracket under the regular tax computation, income acceleration will yield a smaller net tax under the AMT. Alternatively, deduction deferral to a year in which you’re in that higher bracket should give you a greater tax benefit.

To accelerate income, you can:

Take prepayments of salary or bonus.

Redeem Series EE U.S. Savings Bonds.

Redeem certificates of deposit.

Recognize short-term capital gains.

Convert tax-free bonds to higher yielding taxable bonds.

Withdraw money from your IRA or other retirement funds.

To defer deductions, you can:

Depreciate rather than deduct business furniture and equipment.

Hold off on the payment of non-AMT deductible items.

Let’s consider two more issues: property taxes and state and local income taxes. If you pay your property taxes into escrow, I would normally suggest making your Jan. 1 mortgage payment or your January estimated state income tax payment on Dec. 31 in order to get the deductions in the earlier year. But, if you’re subject to the AMT, you won’t get any tax benefit from either payment – the taxes are added back into your income as a preference. So, effective tax planning here might be to move you to bunch such taxes into a year where they’re allowable -- i.e., when you won’t be subject to the AMT. The same planning strategy applies to medical expenses, investment expenses and employee business expenses.




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